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Legal Services of Kiev 


Law Company "Avistar" provides legal services in Kiev and Ukraine. Our clients are the citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, Ukrainian enterprises and companies in Europe, Asia and America. 

Priority in the provision of legal services is the law of action and the quality of the protection of the rights and interests of the client. During the change in legislation, our lawyers were able to accumulate a vast experience in disputes with banks and credit unions, the Tax Inspectorate and the public authorities, in the controversy over the recognition of property rights, division of property of the spouses, as well as disputes in road - traffic accident (spores accident), corporate disputes and litigation in the European court of Human Rights are our specialties. 
You are faced with legal disputes? 
Providing legal services to our lawyers thoroughly examine your problem, conduct legal analysis of documents, offer the best options for the solution of the litigation or the conclusion of a peace agreement. Specialization representation in court are civil, commercial, administrative, tax, banking, land, family, inheritance cases, disputes over property rights and the protection of the interests in the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC). 

Legal support of the company, is one of the types of legal services in Kiev and Ukraine which provides Law company "Avistar". Legal support of the company gives you the opportunity to the head and founder of the company to minimize the risk of loss. This objective is achieved through the coordination of actions in doing business with legal protection. The choice of the type of enterprise, the definition of the tax system, the legal analysis of the contract for the first phase and the subsequent representation of clients in the tax office, the state administration, as well as representation in court, leading to coordinated robot company. The result - profit (income). 

Many years of experience in providing legal services was the result of cases won: the invalidation of the loan agreement, to invalidate the mortgage contract (pledge) to invalidate the arbitration clause, the termination of parole, on the abolition of the notification, the decision of the tax, the invalidation of the contract of sale of an apartment . 

Our lawyers in the short term will provide the following legal services: Registration Ltd. Kyiv, Kyiv Registration PE, Reorganization LLC, PE, CHAO, PAO (merger, accession, division, separation, transformation) Register a foreign company, Register a company with foreign investment (joint venture), change the manager (director), change the location of the enterprise, changes activities (CTEA), change the founder (owner) of the company, purchase and sale of corporate rights, registration payer of value added tax, change the tax system (in the general simplified or simplified for the total). 

Sometimes their own business or ceases to generate income taxes and government checks are not expedient to do business. Our lawyers are ready to provide legal assistance to analyze and choose the best way to eliminate the enterprise.


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guarantees complete confidentiality of client information.